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Notre Dame Cathedral at dusk Are you planning an educational group tour? Do you wish to take a hassle-free group tour to Europe? Look no further than Travel by Design Inc. in Brookline, MA. We are a travel company specializing in educational tours.  

Safety and Security

Here are some useful links to help prepare for your trip:
US Department of State
US Department of Transportation
Transportation Security Administration
Department of Homeland Security Travel

Keep valuables including passport, money or jewelry in the hotel safe. If it is not essential, you should leave them at home. Use a money belt or neck pouch for carrying money. Strap purses and cameras across shoulder and preferably under your clothes.

What to Pack?

When you pack, remember you will be carrying your suitcase through hotels, on buses and around airports. Consider suitcases with wheels if you are going to purchase a new one. You are allowed one suitcase and one carry-on per person and the carry-on must fit beneath your seat.


Young woman taking photo in vatican city Passports are required for all trips abroad. Go to your post office or the Federal Government (local office) for an application. For more information on passports, click here.


Visas are not required for travel to western or central Europe or Mexico.


Allowing yourself approximately $50.00 per day is about right. This allows for snacks, lunch, souvenirs and other misc. needs.

Foreign Currency

Andy Charlton Most European countries use the Euro as the single most widely accepted currency. Check you destination’s currency before you travel to make sure.

Coins: Since foreign countries do not exchange coins, any loose change will make great souvenirs.
Paper: Since the rate of exchange back to US dollars is not as favorable you should avoid having a large amount left at the end of the trip.

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